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XtreemOS 3 on OpenSUSE

You will find here all relevant information regarding the usage of the latest XtreemOS version

Getting started

Open Testbed


Preconfigured images

Over Grid'5000

More informations

  • XtreemOS 2 End user guide (SVN (external link), PDF (external link))
  • XtreemOS 2 Admin guide ( SVN (external link), PDF (external link))


Work in progress

Writing some new documentation or process

Old documentation that will be checked and integrated somewhere else:

Archives from XtreemOS 2 on Mandriva 2009

The pages bellow were written for XtreemOS 2.X.Y on Mandriva 2009. Informations here may still be relevant, but every Mandriva-related command like "urpmi" isn't usable in latest (openSUSE) version, as well as environment information.

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