XtreemOS on Grid5k

How-To work with XtreemOS 3.0 on Grid5000

  • All the local scripts mentioned in this how-to can be checked out from the gforge SVN repository. You can find the scripts in /g5k-scripts
  • For example, to get the 1.0.0 version, run:
svn checkout --username anonsvn --password anonsvn https://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/xtreemos/xos-g5k/tags/1.0.0

  • This tutorial treats the deployment of the opensuse11.4 based XtreemOS system. Environments based on opensuse 12.1 and 12.2 are planned and they are compatible with these scripts.

General XOS on Grid5000 information

Only registered users are allowed to use Grid5000's resources. To get an account, follow this link (external link). When registering, please select your home site and explain you're part of the XtreemOS consortium in the description area, along with the reason you need an account for.

To connect to the G5K infrastructure, use ssh:
ssh login@access.rennes.grid5000.fr

The environment opensuse11.4 is registered by the user abelhaj. It can be checked by running:
kaenv3 --list --user abelhaj

Parameters of the environment to deploy can be modified at the beginning of the script deploy-functions.

All of the XtreemOS environments allow without-password root access, so you should generate a ssh key on the g5k frontend (it will be automatically copied to the nodes by the deployment utility). This key is needed by the script to access to the nodes:

Every XOS environment comes with two preconfigured users:

Reserve the nodes (here only the interactive jobs submission will be illustrated, for other uses visit G5K Tutorials (external link)):
-+oarsub -I -t deploy -l nodes=NO_NODES,walltime=NO_HOURS+-
Alternatively, you can reserve an interactive job by issuing the following command:
Once this step has been completed, you can see the list of nodes allocated by issuing:

You are now ready to install / configure XtreemOS.

Running the auto-deployment tool


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